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Uxua (Troncoso, Brazil)

Authenticity is the greatest luxury a visit to Brazil's picturesque and historic Bahia state can offer. And no place delivers the experience like Trancoso's Quadrado, its car-free, UNESCO-protected town square.

Half UXUA's casas here date back 500-years to the village's founding. They were restored by designer Wilbert Das in collaboration with local artisans using traditional techniques and reclaimed materials. These casas have a soul, each with legends and family history, every detail uniquely crafted by caring hands. UXUA's rustic beach lounge, Almescar Spa, Quadrado restaurant and 5-star service complete the perfect holiday.

Surf, sea kayaking, beach volleyball, wooden gym, all at Trancoso's most central beach just steps from the Historic Quadrado.


Spectacular biodiversity, centuries of herritage of Pataxó Indians, African slaves, Jesuit missionaries, and even 20th century hippies all combine to influence the exclusive range of spa treatments and products.

Prized by Pataxó Indians for centuries and indigenous only to southern Bahia and the Amazon – almescar trees produce a pure, highly bioactive resin which is the signature ingredient. With restorative qualities and an alluring musky scent, almescar is that most elusive element offering authentic and effective organic treatments.

Regarding activities, you can't miss a workout at the Fitness Studio. Capoeira is a martial-art inspired dance form. It originates in Bahia, and remains key to this region's cultural identity. Personalised classes are a great all-over-body workout accompanied by live, traditional music. 100% of class fee is added to Uxua monthly support of Trancoso’s academy Capoeira Sul da Bahia, and guests are welcome to visit the school and join their daily lessons, which through UXUA's support are provided free to hundreds of local youth since 2006.

Classes of yoga, Pilates, and even Brazilian forro dancing (much-loved in Trancoso) are UXUA specialties, at spa or beach.

Last, heal thyself with some aquatic therapy, via a dip in UXUA’s one-of-a-kind pool. The lake-like creation is composed entirely of 40,000 specimens of unique green aventurine quartz, a native Bahian stone considered by many to have powerful healing qualities and reign among the most therapeutic minerals in the world.

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