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More and more hotels and resorts get equipped with spa areas and "à la carte" wellness treatments. But only a few exclusive and secret addresses offer comprehensive programmes that consider the whole balance of the individual in a holistic approach: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual.
Our occidental lifestyle subjected to stress, pollution and toxic nutrition encourage more and more spa aficionados to escape in this new kind of holiday.

With idyllic environments, healthy cuisine, therapeutic massages, ultimate fitness equipment, latest trendy disciplines and expert advices, the new spa destinations fill our five senses and are a must to lead a well balanced and harmonious life.

On, each address has been carefully selected for its specific offer combining quality of care and complete wellness packages, often based on eastern lifestyle guidelines and boundless wisdom.


Taking time for yourself, cocooning, pampering, refining your silhouette, rejuvenating, letting your mind go, being inspired and feeling connected again to nature and your own spirit,... these are part of the main benefits offered in our best spa destinations. So, embrace sensuality and healthy pleasure for a new art-de-vivre!

The Spa Editorialist is constantly looking for the perfect places to unwind around the world. The Spa map and guide base is continually enriched with new spa destinations. They actually contain more than 40 addresses, but our complete guide includes over 100 all around the world. If you have any comment or request, please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help you plan your perfect getaway.


Alexandra as The Spa Editorialist.


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