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Le Mas Candille (Mougins, France)

There is an exceptional serene energy infusing the incredible domain of Le Mas Candille set on the hillside of Mougins: breathless views, refined hotel service, lovely gardens and a zen-inspired Spa.

Netled in the picturesque Provençal village, this luxury hotel offers high-end guestrooms and suites, two restaurants including the Michelin starred gastronomic restaurant “Le Candille”, the Shiseido Spa, three swimming-pools, two Jacuzzis and two meeting rooms.

Le Mas Candille and the Shiseido Spa is a must destination when travelling to the South of France in Provence. The incredible peaceful environment is already self-sufficient to leave you truly restored and re-energized!


If you like Japanese atmosphere, you will be delighted by the Shiseido Spa, true sanctuary within the beautiful 9 acre park. First Shiseido Spa opened in Europe in 2002, it offers a holistic approach through a relaxation room and outdoor facilities such as Jacuzzi, a sauna, a fitness area and a hydrotherapy pool.

Unwind thanks to a wide choice of body, face and beauty treatments, including the Shiseido Qi Method: the balance of ‘Qi’, a vital energy running throughout the body.

Each facial and body treatment incorporates Western and Oriental meridian (channels of energy) massage styles, together with tsubo point stimulation, leaving the body and mind with a sense of well-being. Signs of fatigue disappear and you feel truly relaxed with a radiant and supple skin. The body feels lighter, posture is realigned and your muscles are eased from tension.

A pioneer in Aromachology, Shiseido has created a subtle aroma for each product, which has a powerful effect on the body and mind. ‘Oshibori’, Japanese hot towels, made of woven cotton, are applied regularly during treatments to provide a voluptuous sensation of warmth and enhance the overall pleasure of deep relaxation.

To perfectly finish your treatments, drift off in the cozy relaxation room overlooking the valley with a wide selection of perfumed teas.

No specific wellness programs are offered but half to full day packages and alternative therapists can be booked in addition to your treatments: sports coach, osteopath and physiotherapist, Reiki and Shiatsu methods.

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