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Atzaró (Ibiza, Spain)

Situated in the heart of the island of Ibiza and built on an orange farm, Atzaró is a century old unique farm, an oasis ripe with the scents of orange blossom, rosemary and lavender.

All the rooms have their own personality, but they keep the spirit of Ibiza and Asia fusion, exquisitely decorated with artifacts and original art from diverse cultures. Without forgetting the most advanced technology and open spaces with fountains and flowers so that, from any corner of your room, you can feel the essence of the Mediterranean.

Fresh and natural cuisine combining local seasonal product and ingredients from the garden, focused on health and wellness, the food is prepared with creativity and love, Ibizan and Mediterranean flavors are the essence of the restaurant.

The wild nature, the hidden coves, the ancient roads, the products of the earth… Connect with this mysterious island and discover the magic that it offers. Enjoy Ibiza in an authentic way, whether you choose trekking, kayak, climbing the rocks on the sea, water sports, chilling by the pool or embarking on a spa retreat!


The Atzaró Spa is unique in Ibiza since the tradition of the Eastern and Western knowledge is combined in the hands of the therapist to create unique treatment: Ayurveda Massage, Orising Spa Hair rehabilitation treatment, Acupunture, Somatic Therapy, and Bioresonance IMEC.

The Spa area offers its gardens and day beds, a Sauna, a hammam and a full equiped gym with a special training and Healing program. All types of yoga are on the menu!

If all you need is to find your emotional balance, Atzaró is the perfect place to find your optimal mental, physical and spiritual balance with Yoga, Nutrition and Well being retreats. Nutrition include macrobiotic and vegetarian food!

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