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Zen at work: DIY Reflexology

Spa lifestyle is about relax, renew and rejuvenate the body and mind. In this section 'Zen at work', inspired from the smart witty book “Office Spa” by Darrin Zeer, here are easy-to-do tips that will help you prevent stress with exercises stemmed from well-balanced nutrition, aromatherapy, acupressure, meditation, and reflexology.

This time, I invite you to try DIY reflexology. With the help of reflexology foot charts, apply pressure to specific points connected to parts of the body you wish to energize.

  • Cross one leg over the other and rest your ankle comfortably on your knee.

  • Use your favourite moisturizer. Try Tiger Balm to completely relieve the pain.

  • If you find a sensitive point, take gentle and deep breaths while holding the pressure with your thumbs.

If your job involves standing in a stationary position for long hours, you’ll need to activate blood circulation by pressuring the heart reflex point on your left foot, under your toes in the middle, using both of your thumbs all over the area in a clockwise direction.

Then, pressure the reflex point located on your right foot about 1/2 inches below your big toe. Apply pressure to your lung reflex point located on your right foot on a large area under your 4 toes.

In case of headaches, maintain your right foot with your left hand. The toes contain all the reflex points for the brain, sinuses, neck and head. With the right thumb, massage over the tops of your first 3 toes, starting with the big toe for minimum 5 minutes. If the migraine is acute, apply lighter pressure.Repeat the process on your left foot as well, using thumbs and knuckles if necessary.

Bonus tip!... A more discreet and easier way to relax your nerves through the arch of the foot, is to use a Golf ball to put under the foot and effortlessly roll on to relief aches.

Last, try a top Reflexologist! Treat yourself to a 1-hour reflexology session with Magalie from Maison Halsa. Her magical fingers will leave you totally unwinded. Magalie offers massages at home in Paris, as well as Tigre Yoga Club in the 16th arrondissement and Studio Kinétique in the 2nd arrondissement.

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