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Dhara Dhevi (Chiang Maï, Thaïland)

Dhara Dhevi Chiang Maï enjoys a picturesque and secluded setting in the northern Thai countryside. The luxury resort's design draws heavily from the architectural and cultural influences of the historic Lanna Kingdom. The resort offers some of the world's most spacious accommodations, a beautiful setting, acclaimed restaurants and an outstanding spa.


With a palatial 3,100 square metre sanctuary, the Dheva Spa is an impressive complex modelled on ancient Mandalay palace architecture.

The Spa philosophy is to believe in an entirely holistic approach to wellness addressing both physical and psychological needs. To achieve balance in body, mind and spirit, it proposes Ayurvedic programs. Originating in India more than 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda is believed to be the oldest healing science in existence, forming the foundation for all other types of medicine. Following dosha analysis with Ayurvedic specialist, a personalized program of treatments, which include yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic massage is planned for each guest. Along with the Indian holistic treatments based on Ayurveda, find a broad variety of European, Asian and North African relaxation therapies, experience Fitness and Yoga programs to strengthen and stretch the whole body and mind, and discover the sixty acres of space to jog through as well as hilly surroundings for challenging hikes.

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