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Harem Escape (Marrakech, Morocco)

Harem is a luxurious getaway for women only, longing to reinvigorate the body, mind and soul. Guests are invited to let themselves be pampered with massages, facials, footbaths, hammams, body masks, yoga, meditation and deliciously healthy meals.

Based in Marrakech, this twenty-four acre private property offers stunning landscaped grounds with nine unique rooms and suites suitable with private garden or terrace. And most essentially, by staying at Harem, you will contribute to help young girls with their education and careers as the resort is committed to giving eighty percent of its profits to a local charity in Marrakech: the Fondation Fourtou ( Furthermore, local environment is respected by filtering drinking water to avoid using plastic bottles, recycling, avoiding pesticides, using grey water for irrigation and solar energy for bath water, and washing linens only when needed.

Amenities include a traditional hammam, massage/relaxation areas, a large Caidal tent, a meditation and yoga room, a gym, a vast swimming pool, a tennis court, a library and screening room, and many indoor/outdoor dining and living areas. An abundance of fireplaces, terraces and private patios for sunbathing, reading, lounging, and exploring.


The only all inclusive Package includes all foods and beverages (a light organic cuisine, coupled with Chinese Food Therapy and color themes, including daily wine tasting), luxury lodging, private hammams, full body massages and masks with all-natural products, daily footbaths, scalp and foot massages, and facial masks, manicure/pedicure sessions and a daily yoga class, daily meditation, unlimited private sessions with the Chef Nutritionist, a guided visit to the Marrakech souks, a gala evening with belly dancer, an oriental henna session, daily movie screenings, and transportation to and from Marrakech airport.

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