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Verana (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

Built on a hillside overlooking the ocean with a panoramic view of the mountains deep in the Valle del Sierra Madre Occidental, Verana is carved out of the lush Mexican jungle, remote and secluded, but still offers all the amenities for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Activities include exploring deserted islands, all day hikes, go fishing at dawn, watch whales, discover nearby waterfalls, breathtaking views, local flora and fauna, all by foot or by horse, and much more.


The beautiful and peaceful setting is the perfect place to really unwind. Every treatment begins with a soothing footbath and a custom blend of tea. Enjoy the gentle ocean breeze, the aromatic smell of the jungle and the tranquility of utter isolation.

From the signature Jungle Massage to Volcanic Rocks or Reflexology, treatments are all tailored to your liking. Verana Spa has created perfect spa experiences for guest, combining the treatments into unforgettable escapes. Alternatively, you can create your own spa combo.

No stay is complete without at least one yoga class in the Yoga Palapa. Start your day in the most stunning of ocean settings by moving through the asanas and activating your prana flow.

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