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Palace Merano, Espace Henri Chenot (Merano, Italy)

The Espace Henri Chenot is a health center set in the magnificent natural surroundings of Merano, South Tyrol, with the warm welcome offered by the historical five-star Palace Merano. It is the place where Henri Chenot perfected his method, made unique by more than forty years of experience: treatment programmes are designed around the needs of each individual to bring the body back to optimum mental and physical wellbeing. They follow the principles of Biontology, the scientific discipline based on an understanding of the development of the body’s vital resources at different stages in life.


Palace Merano offers effective treatment programmes such as the detox programme, the energy programme, the anti-age regeneration programme and the spa & wellness programme. These have all been designed to get the body back to its maximum level of mental and physical wellbeing, using exclusive toxin-elimination methods, as well as techniques to reactivate energy channels and natural functions, tailored to each guest’s individual needs.

Programmes are all based on the principles of biontology, the scientific principle based on understanding the evolution of vital resources for the human body at different ages of life. Treatment is constantly monitored by the medical team who, on arrival of the guests, make precise evaluations on their state of health.

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