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Forte Village (Sardinia, Italy)

The Forte Village Resort is a huge Sardinia resort that will meet all family members’needs! A five stars ‘Club Med’-like paradise situated by Santa Margherita di Pula beach, close to Cagliari, within a luxuriant Mediterranean park. The Resort includes 8 luxury hôtels, 44 suites, 21 restaurants, a “Children’s City”, a prestigious wellness center with a thalassotherapy, unique in Europe, all kind of sports facilities and many more activities until late at night (shows, entertainment in lounge bars and trend-setting nightclubs).


The Thalasso del Forte spa, with its thalassotherapy centre and an exclusive package of spa treatments, is one of the few very special “Leading Spas of the World”.

Discover the wonderful garden dedicated to the power of Ayurvedic medicine. Massages are performed using ancient traditional Indian techniques and are ideal both for therapy and total relaxation, allowing you to rediscover physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Thalassotherapy clinical and research centre of the University of Milan since 1992, the Thalasso del Forte spa offers also new therapies based on the use of seawater and sea salt. These treatments are aimed at the physical and psychophysical recovery from excessive stress, osteoarticular conditions, overweight, female conditions, the prevention of ageing, and detox programmes.

Furthermore, a new partnership was established in 2013 with the scientific team of the Villa Stuart Sport Clinic in Rome, the FIFA medical centre of excellence, enabling the Thalasso del Forte spa to propose functional rehabilitation for professional and amateur athletes.

Last but not least, an international exclusive concept in physical activity is recommended by the Thalasso del Forte spa that will revolutionize the world of fitness, rehabilitation and ‘get back in shape’ programmes. The Selam Project, an Antigravity Water Training System, is the result of years of research in the thalassotherapy and wellbeing sector and marks a turning point in physical performance philosophy and in dealing with many complaints such as diabetes, obesity, cellulite, high blood pressure, back pain, osteoporosis and various other conditions, including psychosomatic problems.

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